How To Recognize When Your Shower Screen Needs A Replacement

With so many diseases spreading across many major cities, it is important to keep your house clean to prevent illnesses in your family. While most people may have no issue keeping their rooms clean, it’s often the bathroom and kitchen that host the type of bacteria that could make you ill. Germs love to breed in standing water and these two places provide the perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria. However, by changing the design of your bathroom, you can actually make it easier to clean and more hygienic. Bacteria and fungus usually form in the corners and places where you do not notice. These include the corners and frames of the shower screen or behind the sink. By simply changing to a sliding door shower screen, you can greatly improve the hygiene of your bathroom. Unlike framed shower screens, they are completely transparent and do not have hidden corners where germs take refuge.

Your shower screen can actually influence the overall look of your bathroom. If you have a non-transparent screen, you’ll have issues with the lighting. Bath screens in Melbourne often allow more light in the bathroom, giving it a brighter look. While you can get frameless shower screens that are made of plastic, they are not ideal for the modern bathroom. Plastic screens can get damaged easily and often get stains that are difficult to clean afterwards. Besides, clear glass is much easier to clean and does not get stained as easily. After cleaning glass, you’ll get a sparkle that transforms the look of your bathroom. If your shower screen becomes dull and the water droplets cling to it long after you finish shower, it’s a sign that you need to shift towards a clear glass frameless shower screen.

Glass shower screens are often more durable as well. They are often attached to the bathroom tiles and do not require a frame, making it completely transparent. Compare it to a new drinking glass that transforms the dinner table it’s its sparkle. Replacing your shower screen does not have to be a major job. Most manufacturers will replace it for you when you make a purchase.  Frameless shower screens do not require individual fitting with bolts, which makes them extremely easy to install. You’ll also worry less about constantly repairing a broken shower door as frameless screens are more durable. Many people may hesitate to install a glass screen for fear of breaking it, but the glass used in such screens is shatterproof. This means that even if it does accidently get damaged, it will only crack where the abject hit it. You can easily get this repaired within a few hours.