PCS precision is the leader in industry of measurement equipment sales, services and calibration. The reason arises that why to choose us? So here is the answer and details about us that your surely satisfy you and fulfill your needs regarding measurement as we are providing each item with quality assurance accreditation and NATA that will build up your confident over us concerned to your measurement requirements. In Australia we are known as best calibration company due to our long-time experience i.e. more than 30 years. Our journey was begun in 1982 and at this time we are providing ultimate range of measurement solutions in different industries.


If you are searching for consultation, comprehensive services, equipment sales, system design, repair and servicing PCS Precision ensure you to provide all in a best manner. Clients related to industrial and commercial can easily be entertained with the help of our expertise and long-time experience. It is very easy for us to provide you maintenance, verification, torque wrenches, pressure gauges, miscellaneous servicing, load cells or you have any other requirement pertains to measurement equipment.

Wide Range of Services

Calibration services of industrial and commercial scales are not enough for us but we are offering more than it. Whenever you are stuck in problem about measurement equipment PCS Precision is the only shop where you will get all in a single visit you only have to discuss your problems in detail with our support team and after then you will get the appropriate solution in a very little consumption of time. Our team is experienced and skilled in the relevant filed which is the reason of ease for us to satisfy our different types of client. Sometimes you are not able to identify the actual problem and take wrong decision for measurement equipment i.e. you can get your problem resolve with the help of repairing instead of replacing the equipment.

PCS Precision is the point from where you get traceable records of measurements, accurate measurement also our equipment is fully certified by ISO 9001 (Quality Management). So, after reaching to us your problem about to find a best Australian calibration company surely be solved, in future you will choose us on priority and it will be also a good impact on your business either you are commercial owner or industrialist. Many peoples are confused about our prices when look over to our unbeatable high-quality services and they imagine that prices would be very high but when they don’t get appropriate solution in the market and come to us and know that our prices are set to very affordable and low.

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