What Are Encaustic Floor Tiles?

When we talk about tiles, we have many different types of tiles that are made and can be seen in market today. What we have noticed is that all the tiles that are made nowadays have one thing in common and that is the material that it is made up of. Mostly you will see limestone type of tiles but when it comes to cement tiles, we have encaustic floor tiles. Looking for an ideal tiles to your flooring you can see this page in such reliable information.

Yes, these finest encaustic floor tiles have a different feel than other tiles that are found in the market. With their vivid design and looks many people are attracted to it and you can also see few examples in someone’s house. 

The encaustic floor tiles have been around more than 100 years and still being produce but generally they are found in European countries as those countries are rich with ancient history and pedigree, but now they have suddenly become the talk of the hour. Yes, their comeback has made a huge impact on buyers who want something different for their home, something which is filled and oozed with rich history and architecture of beauty that becomes an immediate Wow factor for someone who sees it for the first time.

In the old times when this world was ruled with mighty kings of Roman Empire, these encaustic floor tiles were made up of clay in which different types of design could be made upon the desire of the king. Although this process of burning up clay and mixing colour powder is also called cement tile, and some refer to it as ceramic tile also.

When it comes to encaustic floor tiles that are made of cement material, generally they can withstand a lot of torture against the ceramic tiles and also we can see which is evident from the history itself that encaustic floor tiles made of cement are actually much tougher to break or have any type of tear or wear on them.

Although the ceramic and cement tiles are almost similar in looks but they each have their properties such as

• Cement tiles are durable to harsh conditions

• Ceramic tiles can withstand water

• Cement tiles have less tear and wear

• Ceramic tiles are resistant to minor scratches.